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There are many attractions and places of interest across the borough of Croydon, ranging from historic sites in the north and south to modern architectural towers in the centre. The Croydon Clocktower arts venue was opened by Elizabeth II in 1994. It includes the Braithwaite Hall for live events, the Museum of Croydon, and Croydon Central Library. North End is the main pedestrianised shopping road in Croydon, having the Centrale Shopping Centre to one side and the Whitgift Centre to the other. The Warehouse Theatre is popular mostly for young performers. Croydon Palace has been the summer residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury for over 500 years and included regular visitors such as Henry III and Queen Elizabeth I. It is thought to have been built around 960. Surrey Street Market is regularly used as a location for TV, film, and advertising shoots.

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South Croydon

The borough of Croydon used to be a medieval market town. Today, it is a busy place, to which a person can get in less than 30 minutes from Central London.

For those who like shopping, Croydon can offer, for instance, the largest covered shopping development in London – Whitgift Centre. This is the home to the historic Surrey Street Market. Its roots go back to the XIII century.

Within the area, there are also many luxury restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs.

For those who love arts, there are such great options as Fairfields Hall, which is a well-known arts and entertainment centre. Many world-famous bands performed here, for example, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, the Who, etc.

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