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About the area

Built in the XI century, Tower Hamlets is the heart of London's East End. It takes the name from the Tower of London, located within the borough's boundaries. The borough is dominated by the White Tower, the central tower at the Tower of London. The tower is home to the crown jewels, royal armouries, Yeomen Warders, and the famous ravens. The Tower Bridge Exhibition brings to life more than 100 years of the bridge's fascinating history with exciting animations and interactive displays. For shoppers, Tower Hamlets has a wealth of street markets, including the century-old Sunday flower market at Columbia Road.

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Mile End Station
Bow Road Station
Stepney Green Station
Mile End Park Leisure Centre (Stop MF)
Eric Street (Stop ML)
Mile End Station

Both residents and visitors of Tower Hamlets enjoy the rich history of the area as well as its culture. Here, people can find enchanting places to spend spare time or to simply relax. For example, you can visit a lot of various museums and galleries to explore the history of the Tower of London. The area’s markets have a lot to offer to extraordinary people with their own unique style.

There are more than 100 green and open areas in the borough of Tower Hamlets. Victoria Park is among the most popular ones. Very often, directors shoot movies here due to the unique beauty of this place.

The transport is represented by numerous tube and bus routes that can take you either to the centre of London or its outskirts.

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